Brewed with a big heart, Indian grains, and fresh Himalayan water, Flying Buffalo is a truly authentic Indian Lager.

The time for a real, authentic Indian Lager is now – we bring you Flying Buffalo, a lager that is rich in satisfying flavours and locally sourced and fresh ingredients.

What is Flying Buffalo?

The UK market had no authentic lagers brewed in India and we wanted to change that. We wanted to do more than just lager that featured a traditional Indian style and offered a true taste of India. We wanted to bring true authentic Indian lager.

Flying Buffalo is a Lager (5% ABV) which is brewed and bottled in India. Using malts of barley, wheat, basmati rice, yeast, hops, and fresh water from the Himalayan Mountains, Flying Buffalo was born.

Flying Buffalo pours as a sparkling light gold, offering both appearance and aroma. The body, taste, and finish are delicious. Refreshing and Full-bodied, each mouthful culminates in a crisp clean finish.

What should you pair it with?

Flying Buffalo is refreshing, spicy, and earthy. Its noble hops aroma gives way to hints of toasted malts. We specially created Flying Buffalo to pair as a perfect companion to any cuisine or as a refreshing, easy drinking lager on its own.

If you want to try Flying Buffalo alongside a bite to eat, it pairs best with spicy curries, anything kissed by fire and smoke, grilled, roasted & fried foods, and of course, buffalo wings.

What do our customers say?

“It’s absolutely gorgeous… goes down a treat. Lovely taste and smooth.”

– Sukhknight

“Love it man, something a bit different and amazing with curry… must like it, I bought the case!”


“Yeasty, malty &hoppy aromas. Starts with subtle spiciness before you get a malty and bready taste. Finishes with a dry sour sharpness that reminds me of a ‘granny smith’ apple. This beer is reminiscent of a season in my opinion. Crisp, smooth, and really refreshing and very easy to drink! Could see this becoming my go to lager!”

– @Raj

World Beer Awards, India 2022

In 2022, we were honoured to have won a gold award in the World Beer Awards held in London at Hilton Olympia. We are proud to say that Flying Buffalo won two awards at the World Beer Awards 2022.

It’s our purpose to showcase the passion of the communities who farm the fields where these crops have been sourced to create a delicious and authentic Indian lager.

Where can you find Flying Buffalo?

As well as being able to shop Flying Buffalo online, through our website and Drinks Supermarket you can also find us in these great bars and restaurants. – you can change that if it doesn’t sound right

Flying Buffalo is available to order at a range of bars and restaurants including 1947 London, Rangrez Ealing, Kinaara, Rai Woburn, Benares Mayfair, Kutir Mayfair

Want to find out more?

Want to find out more about our products or are you looking to stock Flying Buffalo? You can find more information on our website here.