Who doesn’t love a cold one, right! The thing is, there is actually a lot about beer that you probably didn’t know. For starters, the fact that beer can make you smarter, who would have thought? Or maybe the fact that there is a fear of an empty beer glass, you’ve probably heard of arachnophobia, but probably not cenosillicaphobia.

Beer Can Make You Smarter

Contrary to popular belief, beer can actually make you smarter. Now we aren’t saying that you are going to become a genius from drinking beer, but drinking beer can help improve your brain power and memory. A recent study from the University of Illinois at Chicago has showed that drinking beer may make people smarter—especially when it comes to creative problem solving!

How Much Beer Per Year? 

In 2021, 68 litres of beer were consumed per person. That’s a lot of beer. How much beer do you think you drink per year?

That’s a Very Old Drink

Beer is one of the oldest drinks. In Mesopotamia, the oldest evidence of beer is believed to be a 6,000-year-old Sumerian tablet depicting people consuming a drink through reed straws!

Where is the Most Beer Consumed?

China might drink the most beer overall, but the Czech Republic tops the list for the most beer drank per person each year. Over 6.77 litres of beer are drunk each year per person, making the Czech Republic the country with the most beer consumed by its population.

National Beer Day

Mark your calendars for Natural Beer Day. We’ve just missed the celebration on the 7th of April, but good news for those of you in the UK who can celebrate on the 15th of June. Will you be celebrating?

You Can Study Beer?

Did you know that if you love beer so much you could actually make a career out of it? You actually can! Zythology is the study of beer. It’s time to make money doing what you love.

Fear of an Empty Beer Glass?

We weren’t joking when we said there is a fear of an empty beer glass. If you’ve ever felt afraid when your beer glass runs empty, you might have Cenosillicaphobia.

Is Beer Healthy?

In general, alcohol is not the healthiest drink option on the menu, but contrary to popular belief, beer contains lots of vitamins and minerals. So, it’s actually not as unhealthy as it’s perceived to be. That being said, it’s best not to replace your 5-a-day with a pint of beer! Remember to always drink responsibly!


Most of us have probably heard of Oktoberfest, but for those of you that haven’t, it’s the ultimate day for beer lovers. Oktoberfest is a huge festival that celebrates beer, and everyone gets to dress up in Bavarian outfits. What’s not to love? Despite the name ‘Oktoberfest, the event actually takes place at the end of September! 6 million people go each year and they consume 1.8 million gallons of beer between them.

There Are Over 100 Different Types of Beer

Beer is always either an ale or a larger, but there are over 100 different types. There are over 70 ales and more than 25 lagers. Types range by flavour, by colour, by bitterness, by ingredients, by region/country, by alcohol percentage, and so on.

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