About Flying Buffalo

The Journey of Flying Buffalo: Bridging with Craft Brewing

Flying Buffalo is a new quirky and exciting brand. After many years the UK market now have the  choice of a new Authentic Indian lager.  Our customers are enjoying an award winning premium lager, with loads of character and taste from India. Flying Buffalo is vibrant and represents colourful India. We believe your food and our lager will create a burst of magic.


Our company is looking to introduce new and exciting beverages brewed in parts of the world where fresh, locally sourced ingredients are used to create rich satisfying flavours. It’s our purpose to showcase the passion of the communities who farm the fields where these crops have been sourced. We deal directly with wholesalers, retailers and on trade.


A new company born from the passion of geographical blends. We are aiming to introduce products brewed and created in important agricultural locations.


India has so much diverse ingredients we thought it was unfortunate that the best Indian beer  this country had to offer was beers that were being produced here. This inspired us to bring what the best of the fields and mountains of the most beautiful parts of India had to offer to you.


Why Flying Buffalo?

Why not…

The buffalo is symbolic of the culture, bringing together – hard work, perseverance, pride and resilience. We dedicate ourselves to the authenticity of the origins of it’s ingredients

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About The Buffalo

The buffalo species originated in India

Origin and Domestication: The water buffalo, which is most commonly found in India, is believed to have been domesticated over 5,000 years ago in the Indian subcontinent. 

Cultural Significance: Beyond agriculture, buffaloes hold a place in Indian culture and religion. For example, the buffalo is associated with Yama, the Hindu god of death, and is depicted as his vahana (vehicle). 

Biodiversity and Conservation: India is home to several breeds of buffalo, each adapted to different climatic conditions across the country.